The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Edition

Right now, I’m in the middle of “crunch time” with my book, as I hit a big deadline for it on June 1. I’m basically obsessing over it at this point, polishing little pieces here and there and wondering if it’s good enough. My June 1 deadline is that I have to turn in a very rough draft of the manuscript, with a “final” delivery date of July 1 for a version that can go through their editing process.

So, for this week’s roundup, I went back to my big grab-bag of the best posts from a mountain of personal finance blogs and found ten more gems worth sharing.

Why You Can’t Trust Real Estate Agents When Buying A House Our agent was a friend of ours who did a spectacular job for us. Touch on your social networks and see if you can get a personal connection to an agent – that’s worth more than any ad. (@ quest for four pillars)

10 Things that Bring Success in Personal Finance #8: Live a Frugal Life I truly believe that frugality is the key to any personal finance success. If you can’t master the “spend less” half of “spend less than you earn,” you’re going to have a lot of problems. (@ prime time money)

Putting $70,000 into Sorry, I would never put that much money into peer-to-peer lending. The trust factor on Prosper isn’t high enough for me to feel comfortable there. (@ dual income no kids)

Poverty to Prosperity This is simply some good all-around advice. (@ free money finance)

Bridesmaid Dresses – We Need a Solution! For my wedding, my wife and her sisters collaborated and found some pretty cost-efficient bridesmaid dresses. They just all shopped around a lot – during that timeframe, I was finding every reason possible to not see yet another pastel dress. (@ mrs. micah)

Hack Your Credit Score? Using Prosper as a middle man to guarantee loan repayment? Interesting. (@ lazy man and money)

The Laws of Simplicity – Law 1: Reduce This is basically decluttering, something I’ve found a ton of value in over the last year or so. (@ financial understanding)

Putting My Teenage Son on a Budget This is something that would work well if you have a good relationship with your teenage son. For some kids, it would result in an even bigger war. (@ debt free revolution)

The Money Spectrum Over the last two years, I’ve watched myself slide from one extreme end of this spectrum to somewhere approaching the other end. Nice. (@ millionaire money habits)

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