The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Grilling Edition

We’ve had our first multi-day run of nice weather here in Iowa. That means getting out the grill and enjoying grilled fish, grilled vegetables, and countless other items cooked outdoors.

I don’t care what it is – the smell of cooking food is tremendously invigorating, at least for me. Nothing makes the mouth water quite like the smell of food approaching a finished state on a grill.

Teach Your Children Financial Independence to Preserve Your Retirement Retirement is so much easier if you’re not dumping thousands of dollars a year into the financial support of your adult children. When they’re young, the best thing you can do to avoid that future is to teach them well. (@ bible money matters)

Since When Is Paying Off Your Debts a Good Thing? This is a risky approach. Taking on personal debt in an effort to grow wealth is fraught with risk. (@ the financial blogger)

How Five Daily Habits Rocked My Financial World It’s all about establishing positive routines that work for you and don’t end up making you miserable. Routines need to make you feel empowered, not despondent. (@ get rich slowly)

Laundry Gadgets That Save Money I’ll personally vouch for the dryer balls. I can usually shave ten minutes off of a dryer load by sticking one of those balls in there, and that’s pure energy savings. (@ saving advice)

The certain shortcut Take the long way. (@ seth godin)

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