Updated on 04.27.10

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: High Alert Edition

Trent Hamm

As I write this, Sarah is actually well past her due date without a baby arriving. She’s pretty uncomfortable at this point, but is keeping up good spirits with a healthy daily dose of naps, reading, and relaxation. As for me? I’m trying to keep the ball halfway rolling until the baby arrives.

Ask the Readers: How to Talk About Money with Teenagers? This is a topic that has been heavily on my mind lately (as you’ll find out later today). I think teenagers learn a lot of very poor lessons about money and careers during high school and college. (@ get rich slowly)

The Price of Using Self-Storage Self-storage is a double whammy. Not only are you retaining more stuff than you have room for or have time for which could be liquidated and turned into cash, you’re also paying for the privilege of storing it. Not good, all around. (@ unclutterer)

Air Conditioner Spring Cleaning One big thing that people often forget in the process of spring cleaning is cleaning up their outdoor air conditioning unit. It can use a bit of the ol’ maintenance to keep running well and run as efficiently as possible. (@ no credit needed)

Cheap Ways to Display Your Art We have an original painting in our living room that’s currently unframed, mostly because we’re completely unsure what to do in terms of framing and we’re largely convinced whatever framing we got for it would be grossly overpriced. This article has given us ideas. (@ wise bread)

Is It Really More Expensive To Eat Healthy Foods? It doesn’t have to be, but I think to do so, you have to be very careful with your meal planning, centering your meals around the produce that you can get on sale this week. If you’re not much of a planner, then convenience foods are going to be far cheaper. (@ being frugal)

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  1. Maarten Beisterveld says:

    Dear Sarah and Trent,
    We wish you, Sarah and your baby all the best.
    We hope for a swift and painless delivery and wish the newly born a very good, happy and healthy life. With you as loving and caring parents it will be the best start of a new life possible.

    Wishing you the blessings of the Sun, Moon and stars and a new world to explore with your baby,
    from Leiden, the Netherlands,
    Maarten and Nicolette

  2. Tom B. says:

    Well, this will probably get to you after the baby arrives, so… CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. Maureen says:

    Hang in there Sarah!!

  4. NCN says:

    Thanks for the link – and much blessings to you, Sarah, and the baby. Rock on!

  5. Good luck with the birth! As a mom, I know it is sooo hard waiting around for labor.

    But I can’t imagine being a Dad and trying to work knowing that any second you might have to run to help your wife. It must feel like trying to work on Christmas eve! :)

  6. Teresa says:

    I was late with both of my girls. Waiting is the hardest part. Hang in there! Your bundle of joy will be here in no time.

  7. Bill says:

    Hey Trent, My name is Bill. Currently single and havving to learn alot on my own. I have learned alot from your articles and I enjoy reading like yourself. I wish you and the ones you love the best and I will pray for your wife and the new life she is bringing forth. Hope he has his fathers’ smarts and moms good looks. Wish you well and let us know when the joyious moment occurs. Wish you all well-Bill

  8. Harm says:

    I was 2 weeks late….and weighed 10 lb. 15 oz.
    Sorry, Mom…….

  9. Janie Riddle says:

    I wonder how often late is only late for Mom and Doctor. It is still hard to wait. Thanks for the article on school. I have worked with kids with learning challenges in my home not the school setting. I am trying to learn to blog so I can share the things I have learned to help other parents help their own children or those they help. I think you are so right on kids being in the way. MY two boys are 15 years apart. Many thing the oldest boy could do were illegal for the youngest one at the same age because of insurance issues and so called safety. The same is true of driving. How many want to raise the age to drive? People complain kids are not mature and them make laws to prevent them from growing up. Your book on blogging helped. Will see how it goes. Enjoy your blog. Thanks

  10. socalgal says:

    Hang in there Sarah! Someone give the poor mama a foot rub!

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