The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Holiday Thoughts Edition

For this week’s roundup, I went to several of my favorite personal finance sites and looked for useful Christmas-related posts to share with you all – and I found quite a few. Enjoy!

Who and How Much to Tip During the Holidays The link to Emily Post’s suggestions in this article is quite useful, but so are the comments. (@ five cent nickel)

The Wealthy Aren’t Who You Think They Are Frugality and tightwaddishness (is that a word?) aren’t the same thing at all. (@ free money finance)

5 Green Gifts of Experience and Time These are gifts that are awesome to receive at Christmastime. (@ bargaineering)

Gifts for the Person who Has Everything It’s always important to remember that no one on Earth has enough time. (@ wisebread)

Start Saving For Next Year’s Christmas Today My Christmas 2010 plans will begin on December 26 at about 10 in the morning. (@ get rich slowly)

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