The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: How I Round Up Edition

How do I select the links that I use in the weekly roundup?

Each day, I visit quite a few personal finance blogs and blogs on related topics such as personal growth. If I see an article I like, I add it to my “roundup” folder.

When I assemble a roundup article (usually on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning), I just go through all of the links in the “roundup” folder and choose the ones that stick out at me from that group. The number varies, but I try to keep the number of links between four and seven. I think that less than four ends up excluding some great stuff, but more than seven is too many for people to really enjoy.

Navigating The Mixed Messages Of Our Consumer Culture Mixed messages are everywhere. The only way to get ahead is to understand what you value independently of advertising and popular culture and stick with that. (@ matt about money)

Your Will: Give to Kids Equally or Not? I’m definitely in the “it’s your money, do what you want with it” camp. There’s no need to give your estate equally to all of your children. (@ squirrelers)

Does It Pay to Become a Vegetarian? I have not seen a significant increase in overall food spending since becoming a vegetarian. I haven’t seen a big drop, either. I’ve just noticed a shift in the types of things we buy at the store. (@ totally money)

To Boost Your Self Control, Beware the “Licensing Effect” This is a real phenomenon. If you give yourself permission to “cheat” in one fashion, it becomes far easier to cheat in other fashions and before you know it, your goal is kaput. If you make a pledge to yourself, keep it. No exceptions. (@ happiness project)

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