The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Insightful Questions Edition

Over the last few weeks, my children have been absolutely loaded with insightful and challenging questions. Why do people look different than each other? Why is the sky blue, since you just read that it’s red on Mars? How do we know there is a God? How do we decide if something is right or wrong?

Some variation on each of these questions has popped out of the mouth of one of my children in the last two weeks. Each one has been met with the best answer I could give to a six year old and/or a four year old, trying to maintain accuracy while still trying to keep things on a reasonable level of complexity. Each one has led to a running discussion that’s lasted days (with gaps in the middle for them to stew on the questions).

If you actually focus on trying to answer the questions your children ask you as well as you possibly can instead of giving trite answers, you can learn a lot of things yourself.

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