The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Iowa Politicking Edition

One very interesting part of living in Iowa (a facet that I imagine is really only shared with residents of New Hampshire) is the huge amount of political gamesmanship that goes on in this state for the six months or so before a presidential caucus. Because Iowa is the first state in the nation to have a presidential caucus, presidential candidates descend on Iowa like locusts. There are events all over the state every single day where you can meet the presidential candidates, hear them speak, and so on.

Besides that, if you ever even give a hint of being a participant in a caucus, you find yourself on the calling lists of all of the candidates.

Because of this attention, there’s a pretty big focus on presidential politics here in Iowa, particularly in the last months of the year before the presidential election. It’s fascinating to watch these candidates and campaigns trawl for votes all over the state.

Simply put, it’s politics season here in Iowa.

(An aside: whenever there’s a year in which an incumbent is in office, I register as a member of the other party because I feel my voice at the caucus matters more. That means I go back and forth with my party affiliation. In 2004, I was a “Democrat.” In 2012, I’m a “Republican.”)

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