The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Kids of Carcassonne Edition

My four year old son and three year old daughter have been playing the board game Kids of Carcassonne almost constantly the last several days. They’ve roped grandparents into playing it, parents into playing it (I’ve played it countless times), and are even playing it just against each other.

I couldn’t be prouder.

This week, I tried to link to some blogs that I haven’t linked to before. There are a lot of good people out there writing personal finance stuff and I tend to link more to sites of the people I read frequently. This week, I made an effort to explore some other sites.

10 Key Characteristics of Debt-Free People (of Modest Means) I think nine of the ten apply to me. The one I disagree with is self-confidence – I really don’t have much because I have a very hard time reading other people and understanding where they’re coming from. (@ len penzo)

What does Bush Tax Cuts mean to an average Joe? What did I get out of this article? The people that really benefited from the Bush tax cuts were people making more than $68,000 a year. Everyone else got … pretty much nothing. (@ wealth informatics)

10 Reasons Not to Buy a New Car I’ve become fairly ambivalent on the new vs. used issue, assuming that neither choice causes you to go into any sort of debt. (@ grad money matters)

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