The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Kindergarten Edition

Rather than spending the day at daycare or at preschool until his mother picked him up after school, our son now comes home on the school bus. For a good hour, the only two people in our home are me and him.

We have a snack together. We talk about our respective days for a little bit. We discuss what’s going to happen that evening – and what’s going to happen tomorrow.

This is why I chose to work from home and alter my career path. It’s moments like these that just couldn’t happen if I were in an office all day, coming home exhausted and not able to give my kids the moments they need.

5 Crippling Beliefs That Keep People Stuck, Unsuccessful, and Mediocre For Life My favorite one is “it’s going to happen because I deserve it.” No one deserves anything in life beyond the basic requirements for life. Success in any field isn’t owed to anyone. (@ dumb little man)

The 5 Principles of a Profound Workday What’s a “profound” workday? It’s one where you feel like you accomplished something of worth, a feature that an awful lot of workdays seem to be lacking. (@ zen habits)

How Online Classes Can Really Save You Time and Money I think this works if you assume the person is self-motivated and has a genuine desire to learn. The problem in my experiences with online classes is that the students are sometimes grouped into project teams and you have a mix of self-motivated students and “easiest possible credit” students who just frustrate each other. (@ generation x finance)

Short Term Capitalism Why do people often not think about the long term? Why do I know people in their late forties without a dime set aside for retirement? Do they believe on some level that they won’t be around for retirement? (@ seth’s blog)

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