Updated on 08.23.11

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Kindergarten Edition

Trent Hamm

Rather than spending the day at daycare or at preschool until his mother picked him up after school, our son now comes home on the school bus. For a good hour, the only two people in our home are me and him.

We have a snack together. We talk about our respective days for a little bit. We discuss what’s going to happen that evening – and what’s going to happen tomorrow.

This is why I chose to work from home and alter my career path. It’s moments like these that just couldn’t happen if I were in an office all day, coming home exhausted and not able to give my kids the moments they need.

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  1. bogart says:

    Trent — something that I think is interesting (though only implicit) in your post is the point that it is now, when your oldest is starting school, that you are glad of your WAH status (not to suggest that you weren’t also glad of it earlier, but that the need for it didn’t go away — and may have increased — when your son started school). I wish more discussions of the SAH/WAH/WOH decisions so many of us make included a consideration of this issue; so many who argue in favor of SAH seem to suggest that once the kids are in school “you” can go back to work full-time. Personally I think there’s a lot to recommend a reduced/flexible schedule throughout childhood rather than concentrating time out of the office in the preschool years.

  2. Telephus44 says:

    I’m glad that your able to have some special time with your son. I work full-time outside the home in an office, but most mornings my son wakes up with me and we get to eat breakfast together (or play trains or Legos) before I leave. It’s nice to have that time together.

  3. valleycat1 says:

    As the 4th of 5 children, I’d like to say it’s great that Trent has time to spend one-on-one with his son, & hope that he & his wife schedule similar time for their other two — playing or interacting while the other kids are around isn’t quite the same as having mom or dad all to yourself.

  4. Kelly says:

    Glad you have that time with your son every day :) Kindergarten kids love to tell about their day!

    I did my whole masters online and it was definitely not easy but it was perfect for me because I am very self motivated and like being able to do my work at times that are convenient for me. I’m a full time teacher so going to call at 5 pm is just too exhausting. I did not really have any people in my classes who were just trying to take the easy way out, but I imagine you’d have a few of these in any class you take and with group projects you’ll have to deal with these people either way!

  5. Maggie says:

    I used to work a job where we were there for 4 /9 hour days and could take off 1/2 day each week. Most of the workers took Friday afternoon or Monday morning. Me, I chose Wed afternoon because my son had early release from school and we could spend the afternoon together before his sister got home from school. Sometimes we would go to the library or have a hot dog and frozen yoghurt at the snack bar near my office or go to the park for an hour or two. Sometimes we would just go home and veg but most of all, we got to talk and share his day. It was also nice to pick up my daughter and have some extra time with both kids before time for homework and dinner. Often, we would just go to the grocery store (my weekly shop) which the kids loved to do with me. We had fun together. Some of my friends were surprised that I chose Wednesday but even now, I consider that the best day of the week to have off. Both my children are grown now but they still mention, “remember when we used to get hot dogs and yoghurt on Wednesday”. I advise all my friends with young children to treasure those days. They will be precious memories.

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