The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Lack of Sleep Edition

Over the past week, I’ve had the worst case of insomnia I’ve had since my college years. I simply cannot get to sleep before one or two in the morning, and during the last few hours of being awake, I’m basically useless. I can’t write anything coherent and if I read, I barely remember what I’ve read.

Mostly, I’ve been filling those hours with mindless household tasks and some simple gameplaying (leveling up characters in RPGs, mostly). I’ve also left some notes for future ideas, but most of those are incoherent.

Insomnia, when will you go away?

How to Stop Reading and Start Doing I often struggle with this. I read a great deal and I often stumble across amazing ideas. The challenge is actually transitioning to executing those great ideas. (@ pick the brain)

How to Raise Your Children to Be Generous This is one of the traits I focus on with my own children. The best method I’ve found is to be generous myself. (@ christian pf)

Three Reasons to Stop Living in the Past The rules of the past are different than the rules of today. If you live by the rules of the world from 1970 or 1980, you’re not going to be able to succeed today. (@ hope to prosper)

Get What You Want When You Want It You can do this if you have your wants under control and you have your finances in a good place. If you can’t say that those things are true, you need to fix those things first. (@ money cactus)

Culinary Odds & Ends: How Eating Leftovers Saves Me $1400 Annually I eat leftovers pretty much every single day for lunch. (@ len penzo)

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