The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Link Choice Edition

A fellow blogger wrote to me asking me how I go about choosing the articles I include in my weekly roundup each week.

What I basically do is read a lot of blogs and news sites throughout the week (including ones that bloggers send to me) and bookmark articles that made me think. I save these in a folder marked “next week’s roundup.”

Then, when I go to assemble the roundup, I dig through that folder. There are usually 30 to 40 articles in there. What I usually do is read through that list and look for the ones that still make me react to them. If I don’t remember what the article was about by glancing at the headline, it’s not going to make it. If I remember the article but just shrug my shoulders, it’s not going to make it.

This usually trims it to ten or so. I then eliminate site duplicates – so I’m not linking to the same site twice in the same week, even if there are two great articles there – and just put up the rest, which usually ends up numbering between about five and about eight articles.

I usually save one or two articles a week for future roundups so that I can put together a set of interesting links for any weeks when I’m traveling or up to something else.

And now, here are the articles that made the cut over the past week.

How to Handle a Telephone Interview I don’t like telephone communication because I can’t see the face of the person I’m talking to, which gives a lot of cues as to what that person is thinking. Thus, these are pretty good tips (from my eyes). (@ freelance switch)

How to Simplify When You Love Your Stuff The key really is to make sure your stuff is in line with one of your core values in life and to make sure you have time to actually use or value that stuff. (@ zen habits)

Do You Know Your Daily Salary? Use it to Better Understand Your Money This is very similar in concept to a true hourly wage (your income per hour after you take out all of the expenses required to work there and receive that income, like taxes and clothing and travel and meals eaten out). For me, the true hourly wage was a real shocker and a great way to put my spending in a real context. (@ pt money)

Are CDs Obsolete? CDs should be evaluated as being roughly equal to savings bonds and savings accounts. If you can get a better interest rate elsewhere, don’t buy a CD. (@ my dollar plan)

What Should You Buy Used? What Should You Buy New? I agree more or less with this list, but I think each person should think seriously about whether or not an item they use could be purchased used at a much lower price. (@ get rich slowly)

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