The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Little Changes Edition

Over the next week, I’m going to be making several tiny changes to the site. There’s a good chance you won’t notice them at all, but if you see something that looks completely wrong, don’t be afraid to let me know.

Why the changes? Mostly, I’m trying to find ways to improve income from the site, mostly by improving the availability of links to good banking services. After all, if I’m going to talk about savings accounts (which I do anyway on a daily basis), I might as well link directly to bank comparisons and earn a bit of a referral for people signing up for savings accounts.

Making a Million Bucks is So Simple – But Why Can Most Only Dream About It? The actual steps to getting your financial life under control and getting ahead are simple. So why isn’t everyone rich? It’s because actually executing those simple steps requires a lot of virtues that many people have in short supply. (@ free money finance)

Craft the Life You Want: Creating a Blueprint for Your Future The more you think about the future you want – and the more you tie it to the choices you’re making right now – the more likely you are to see lasting success in your own life and achievement of your goals. (@ art of manliness)

How to Cope with Budget Blow-Ups My usual method of coping is by trying to figure out what went wrong. Why did this blowup happen? (@ get rich slowly)

Five Things That Were Given to Me for Nothing Love is the best gift of all, but there are lots of good thoughts here. (@ pick the brain)

Seven Secrets for Maximizing Your Concentration Skills My number one secret is killing distractions. For me, it’s the distractions that always hold me back. (@ dumb little man)

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