The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Long News Edition

I’ve come to find that I trust short news stories very little. The little segments that you hear on news breaks on the radio or on cable news programs are often so short that all you hear are a few selected elements of a story and that rarely gives you the full picture, and most of it is completely useless and uninformative.

Over and over again, I find that the real story doesn’t become apparent until you dig in a little bit – much longer than a shouting-filled interview segment or a news blurb.

I’d rather spend an hour learning about one issue with some depth than spend that same hour learning only a selected little piece of a bunch of different stores.

How I Kept Saving Even During a Job Loss It’s all about keeping your eyes on the prize. (@ get rich slowly)

Are You Hanging By a Thread? I think we’re all stuck in this situation sometimes. That sense of feeling completely overwhelmed and just hanging onto the situation by the skin of one’s teeth is a pretty common one. (@ danielle laporte)

Do Something About Debt Your debt isn’t going to go away unless you take action. Dreaming about being debt free won’t make you debt free. (@ consumerism commentary)

Their House Is Better Than Ours “Better” in what way? Is the mortgage better? How about those energy bills? How about the homeowners association fees? Everything comes with a cost – you can’t judge “better” without looking at the price tag. (@ one frugal girl)

Bat boy syndrome Associating with great people is not the same thing as being great. (@ seth godin)

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