The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Long Road Trip Edition

Over the last eleven days, my wife and three kids and I have been on one long road trip, hitting multiple graduations on different weekends and visiting grandparents and siblings and various other people along the way. I am bone dead tired at this point. Tip: an eleven day road trip with a four year old and a two year old and an infant is not fun. A five day vacation? Sure. Eleven days with more than a thousand miles of driving in there? No. Just. No.

Motivation Tips for Slackers With the multitasking bit, I’m fine with multitasking when it comes to tasks that require very little mental focus (as described there). Where multitasking fails is when you’re doing a task that requires even a little bit of focus, as multitasking and interruptions can disrupt your train of thought and seriously (negatively) impact your results. (@ unclutterer)

Should We Discourage Some Students From Attending College? I don’t think college is the answer for everyone – and sending some people to college isn’t necessarily a net gain for their life. I think a well-rounded education and the college experience can be really valuable, but there are an awful lot of people simply not ready for it when they graduate high school. I watched several of my friends during my freshman year flunk out – even though they were quite intelligent – simply because they weren’t ready for college in terms of maturity. (@ consumerism commentary)

Think About Your Routines — Daily, Weekly, Yearly. Comfortable routines – particularly those that don’t actively improve us – lead to complacency and lead away from personal growth. I’m constantly looking at my own routines, seeking ways to improve them. (@ happiness project)

Efficient Market Hypothesis: So Are Markets Efficient? They’re somewhat efficient, but not perfectly efficient. Perfect efficiency can only come if the motivations of every participant in the market is known by every other participant in the market. (@ the digerati life)

How Stay-At-Home Moms Can Help Save for Retirement A close friend of ours is concerned about this very issue, so I was happy to see this article pop up in my feed reader. (@ money saving mom)

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