The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Making It All Work Edition

After the universal positive response to my idea of doing a chapter-by-chapter discussion of David Allen’s Making It All Work, I’ve decided to go ahead with it. Expect it to begin in a few weeks (I usually like to have several posts already in the bag for series like that before I start posting them).

Meanwhile, here are some interesting articles I’ve read from around the web this week.

Professionals, Amateurs, and the Great Unwashed Which are you? And which one would you be most likely to hire? I think it depends on the job, but I agree that enthusiasm and passion make up for a lot. (@ seth godin)

How To Get Hired & Get The Job You Want By Volunteering The people that do this kind of thing are the people that stand out from the crowd and get hired. At the same time, the people who do this kind of thing are people who have enough financial stability in their life to pull it off. (@ the digerati life)

Can’t stand the heat? Get into the kitchen — but only long enough to make iced tea. My wife and I are enormous fans of tea. We almost constantly have a sun tea jar sitting out on our deck during the summer. It’s incredibly inexpensive and tasty. It’s just our beverage of choice, hands down, and it has a lot of health benefits, too. (@ surviving and thriving)

Preparing for a Baby – What Do You Really Need? I’m linking to this because it’s a great example of how two frugal people think differently. She thinks that a changing table “is the single most important piece of furniture in the nursery.” I thought it was basically useless – we just have a “portable changing table” with a towel and the stuff we needed in a bag, meaning you can change the baby pretty much anywhere. (@ cool to be frugal)

Big Difference Between Average and Median Net Worths “Average” means you add up all of the net worth in America and divide it by the number of people. “Median” means you line everybody up in order of their net worth and ask the person in the middle what their net worth is. The two numbers are vastly different. (@ free money finance)

Advice from Financial Planners for Members of Generation Y I’ve never been quite able to determine whether I’m part of Generation X or Generation Y – or why it really matters. (@ gen y wealth)

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