The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Making It All Work Edition

Earlier this year, I did a very popular series on David Allen’s book Getting Things Done, one that’s still generating a fair amount of email.

Given that I personally found at least as much value in Allen’s follow-up, Making It All Work (which approaches GTD a bit more philosophically), I’m wondering if there would be interest in a similar chapter-by-chapter review of this latter book as well. Here’s my review of that book.

I really like the “book club” format for deep discussions about particularly strong books.

Five Surefire Ways to Strengthen Your Willpower Willpower often makes the difference between succeeding and failing at something challenging. The stronger your willpower is, the more likely you are to get what you want. (@ dumb little man)

How to Replace Six Vital Documents These are just good things to know, because countless things can happen to our key documents. (@ get rich slowly)

Moving On Seth is no longer going to publish books in the “traditional” fashion. I’m actually going to attempt this with my next book, publishing by myself primarily in an electronic format with a print version available, too. (@ seth’s blog)

Diving Into Our Emergency Fund – Again When I read stories like this, I’m reminded how easy a well-stocked emergency fund makes our life. If a person went through this kind of stuff without an emergency fund, it would have been a very rough patch, indeed. (@ blogging away debt)

Why personal-finance “experts” continue giving worthless advice This article hits on why tiny individual personal finance bloggers have a larger monthly audience than many huge “prestigious” personal finance publications. We focus on actual problems that people have, not “financial literacy.” (@ i will teach you to be rich)

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