The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: March Madness Edition

I’m not talking about basketball. I’m talking about the weather.

We’ve had six days in a row where the temperature peaked above 80 F in central Iowa in March. The grass is rapidly turning green and everything is blooming. All of this is happening a month or so earlier than normal.

I am so tempted to start planting our garden (in fact, Sarah’s been out there already, poking around and turning the soil), but I remember many, many Aprils that included a lot of freezing and some big snowstorms.

Is It Better to Be Frugal or Earn More? I don’t think this is really an either/or choice. For one, frugality can start saving you money immediately, but it has a cap. Earning more can’t just be flipped on like a switch, but it has no ceiling. (@ watson inc.)

Do You Know Your Monthly Nut? A person’s “monthly nut” is the amount they have to spend each month on required bills or basic essentials of life. It’s the amount that’s going to be spent each month, no matter what. If you can lower this, that’s a big success. (@ my journey to millions)

You Are Already the 1% 95% of the population of developing countries gets by on $10 a day or less. Simply being born in the United States is an enormous income opportunity. (@ i am one percent)

5 Ways You Can Pay Back Your Student Loans Faster The last tip, volunteerism, is particularly interesting. I know of several people who have done just that with great success. (@ scott on money)

The Dangerous Terrain of Unnecessary Dream Shrinkage Overwork will not get you to your dream. If you’re burnt out, you’re not producing too much of value, anyway, so scale back a little. (@ danielle la porte)

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