The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Marriage Advice Edition

If I had to give someone advice on how to keep a marriage in good shape, here’s what it would be.

Every day, do two things. One, tell your spouse that you love them and tell them something specific about them that you love. Two, spend half an hour doing something that helps them in some way and expect no compliments or comment from it – do it just because you care about that person. This works better if you focus on something that you know will really matter to your partner. For instance, if your partner loathes doing the dishes, just do them without comment once or twice a week.

Do these two things every day and you’ll be surprised how much better your relationship goes.

Money Lessons Learned from Traveling Well For me, money is better spent on experiences than stuff. (@ saving advice)

Can Money Buy Freedom? It can do that only in a limited sense. On some level, you have to choose to be free from the things that worry you. You can be rich and still be depely worried (and controlled by) lots of things. (@ get rich slowly)

Beware the Entrepreneur’s Recoil If you succeed at something, you tend to become more risk-averse and that often leads to undoing what made you succeed in the first place. (@ jonathan fields)

How to Get the Most from Your Gym Membership & Avoid Burning Out I usually have two things that keep me from really hitting a home run at a gym. The first is the soreness that comes from a period of not exercising. It goes away in a few weeks, but it’s hard to get through. The second is injury and convincing myself to return to the routine after recovering from a minor injury. (@ len penzo)

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