The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Merging Checking Accounts Edition

So, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, my wife and I finally merged our checking accounts. And, almost immediately, I figured out a big reason why I was uncomfortable with it from the start.

Here’s the scenario: my wife tosses the checkbook in her purse and leaves for the day, as was her normal practice with her own checkbook when we had separate accounts. Meanwhile, I remember that I have to pay a bill. I then proceed to search for an hour for the checkbook – it isn’t in any of the normal places where I might have put it. I eventually wind up getting a money order simply because I can’t find the checkbook and a bill has to be paid.

In other words, never forget that money customs can be important, too. My wife and I had adopted completely contrasting customs for handling our separate checkbooks and never bothered to discuss the new customs we’d have to adopt. It wound up biting us.

We’ve now agreed to leave the checkbook in a particular place in the home, with neither one of us taking it without informing the other. This should alleviate such problems in the future.

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