The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: More Truck Troubles Edition

A few days ago, my truck acted up yet again, with the truck chugging badly before shifting gears (with the chugs vanishing quickly after the shift). Before long, the ol’ “Check Engine” light came on.

Since I don’t need it for much of anything for a while, my wife and I are currently leaving it in the driveway while we make up our minds whether or not yet another repair bill is the correct route to follow, or we should just hang it up and get something else.

Given that it’s already accumulated about $3,000 in repair bills over the last year before this – almost adding up to the Blue Book value of the truck – we’re very hesitant to keep throwing money into an unreliable vehicle.

On the other hand, during the week it’s almost never used other than the mile-long trip to daycare and occasional trips to the library and the grocery store. Can we survive with just one car, at least for a while?

Lots of questions, no clear answers – yet.

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