The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Multi-Christmas Edition

My family and I often load up the few days before and the week after Christmas with a lot of visits with extended family, either at our home or theirs. This often means some careful choreography.

Part of the challenge is that we like to celebrate a full Christmas day with just the five of us, but actually doing that on Christmas Day doesn’t always work out.

Our solution is that our immediate family celebrates Christmas on a day that’s convenient in relation to the travel. We exchange all of our gifts for each other, play games, and often watch a Christmas movie (or a new movie received as a gift).

This way, if we need to travel on Christmas Day or have a bunch of family over, we still get to enjoy that family Christmas morning, with the children running into our rooms at five in the morning waking us up and so on, at our own house.

For us, that day is tomorrow.

(And, yes, Santa finds our children wherever they’re at on Christmas Day and fills their stockings with goodies.)

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