The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Nature Exploration in Winter Edition

Suddenly, my three year old son is very interested in nature and the outdoors. He’s started noticing tons of things outside (even in the Iowa winter) and has started requesting that we watch nature documentaries when we watch television, instead of his usual previous standbys of various PBS shows.

This makes me even more anxious for spring. I simply can’t wait for a nice spring day when I can take my kids (both my son and my one year old daughter) out into the woods to wander around and discover whatever we may find.

We’ve gone outside a bit during the winter, but with literally feet of snow on the ground here and a temperature that’s rarely above 20 degrees or so, exploration is limited for a three year old.

Our solution? So far, it’s revolved around nature documentaries. We’ve been DVRing a few nature-oriented series, and we’re thinking of picking up a copy of the BBC’s Planet Earth documentary series and watching them together. It’s not an ideal substitute for outdoor exploration, but when the snow outside is almost as tall as he is and the temperature rarely breaks above twenty degrees, we’ll do what we can to keep him interested.

As always, any suggestions are welcomed.

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