Updated on 07.30.09

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Never Give Up Edition

Trent Hamm

I’ve been a Cubs fan all my life and I’ve never seen anything like this season. The team has been an utter train wreck all season long, massively underperforming and losing boatloads of games they should have won.

Their reward? As August rolls around, they’re right in the mix in their division.

What’s the lesson? Never give up on anything you do. You might be in better shape than you expect.

How to Quit a Job My general rule of thumb: the less drama, the better. The more drama you create on the way out the door, the harder it will be to maintain any connections to that job or the people there, connections that will be valuable in the future. (@ frugal dad)

How to Disaster-Proof Your Home and Finances This is really sound advice for pretty much everyone. (@ the wallet)

Supermarket Psychology (and a Few Insider Tricks) Supermarket psychology refers to the use of psychological tricks to coerce you subtly into buying more than you intend to. (@ bargaineering)

Don’t Depend on Your Job A successful life is one that minimizes risk – and anything you rely on is risk. Your job is a big one – if your life won’t fall apart if you lost your job, you’re in very good shape. (@ productivity501)

Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk Walking is a free activity that cuts down on transportation costs and health costs. Why not find ways to incorporate more walking in your life? (@ wisebread)

How to Budget for an Irregular Income I actually plan even tighter than J.D. for my irregular income, but I tend to worry more because of my kids. They sometimes drive me almost to paranoia about making sure there’s a steady income. (@ get rich slowly)

$22,000 per Year and a 2 Hour Commute for a Bit of Security At this point, I would hire a nanny. Seriously. (@ clever dude)

Frugality vs. “Big Wins”: Why You Shouldn’t Care About Either I couldn’t help but thinking about “gazelle-like intensity” with this article. (@ man vs. debt)

Killing Email: How and Why I Ditched My Inbox I wish I could do this. The big reason why I don’t is that people are constantly communicating things to me that are extremely private – that they wouldn’t share in a more public fashion. (@ zen habits)

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  1. anne says:

    i enjoyed this- and i explored other posts on the diaries you linked to- thank you

    but what i liked the most was the “never give up” in your title- what popped into my head was “never give up! never surrender!” from galaxy quest.

    so now i’ll probably be smiling all day.

  2. Adam says:

    Doesn’t matter, the cubs will fall apart in October like they always do anyway. They haven’t given up for 100 years and it hasn’t helped yet! muahaha! Go CARDINALS!!

  3. Kevin M says:

    Cards fan here as well, the Cubs will do nothing again this year per usual.


    I’m surprised you listed the zen habits blog about killing email since it was simply a sensational headline without much substance. He doesn’t actually kill his email, he just checks it less frequently.

  4. Johanna says:

    I’m amused by the “never give up” followed immediately by “how to quit your job.”

    Sometimes there are good reasons to give up.

  5. Liz says:

    I hear ya about the Cubs, Trent, but try being a Pittsburgh Pirates fan. You might look at them and say “There’s a team WORSE than the Cubs!”

    Seventeen losing seasons in a row will do that to you.

  6. George says:

    I get a big laugh out of the guy replacing his email with Twitter!

    If you look at the Q&A, he essentially describes checking Twitter only a few times per day and choosing what to respond to. WHICH HE COULD ALREADY DO WITH EMAIL, but chooses not to.

  7. Christine T. says:

    So many times I have thought some aspect or situation in my life was a complete disaster, and used that as an excuse to stop trying to make it better. Only to find out it wasn’t as bad as I thought and if I hadn’t stopped trying they would have even turned into a success!

  8. Lora says:

    I used to commute from Sterling to Rockville a couple of years ago. Aside from the high cost of the high-security daycare, I find it hard to believe that someone makes that round trip twice a day in order to utilize a certain daycare center. The traffic hassles on that commute are *extreme*.

  9. deb says:

    Good luck Zen Habits giving up his email. He has 6 kids, and anyone with kids knows that teachers only want to communicate via email. Good luck.

    For myself, I’d love to give up phones. Hate’em.

  10. JT says:

    Sounds just like the Mets — but replace “right in the mix” with “BURIED”.

    It’s ruined the entire summer for me not having meaningful games to look forward to coming home from work every night. I honestly don’t know how fans of losing teams (see: Pirates) can do it.

  11. fairydust says:

    “what popped into my head was “never give up! never surrender!” from galaxy quest.”

    LOL! Same here, Anne!

  12. Courtney says:

    Nannies are pricey. The going rate here in Morgantown, WVa four years ago was $740/week plus some benefits.

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