The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: New Friends Edition

In the last few weeks, my two oldest children have taken a new child in our neighborhood under their wing. This child’s family moved in quietly – I wasn’t even aware of someone new moving in – until the new child started showing up at the bus stop.

The new child is quiet and reserved. Although I’ve seen her a few times next to my own kids, I’ve not actually spoken with her. I’ve just learned things about her from my kids – and what I’ve learned combined with what I’ve seen makes me proud.

I’ve seen this new girl stand their so quietly, almost disappearing, until my daughter and my oldest son come around the corner. The new girl’s face just lights up and they talk excitedly together.

My son told me the other day that the new girl was quiet when he first met her but that he thinks he should talk to the new people and the quiet people so that they have someone to talk to. Along with his sister, he came to the conclusion that he should try to become friends with this new girl, and it’s easy to see that it’s had a positive impact on that girl.

I am incredibly proud of my children. I always talk about how I try to set a standard for them. Sometimes, they set a standard for me.

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