The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: New Years Notes Edition

One of my favorite things to do as the new year approaches is hit many of my favorite blogs and find some of their writings about the resolutions they made for the year past – or the resolutions they intend to make for the coming year. I almost always find something insightful in such discussions, whether it’s insightful in the sense that I learn something about humanity or that I actually learn something useful about how to put together a good plan for success. Here are a few of my recent favorite reads on the topic of the new year.

Resolution Makeover: 5 Things to Consider When Setting This Year’s Goals My favorite line: “Having supportive and fulfilling relationships will do more for your well being than any kind of “success” in your career or money in your bank account.” How true! (@ zen habits)

10 New Year’s Resolutions for the Freelance Developer If you’re a freelance worker (like I am), these are some excellent habits to adopt in the coming year. (@ freelance switch)

Don’t Make Resolutions – Set Goals for 2008 This is an excellent older article from Get Rich Slowly. It applies just as well to 2009 as it does to 2008. (@ get rich slowly)

5 No’s Regarding Your New Year’s Resolution Excellent advice for making your own resolution quite successful. (@ geezeo)

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