The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: No More Politics Edition

No more flyers. No more robocalls. No more political ads on television or radio. No more emails in my inbox asking for donations.

Not for a year and a half, anyway.

Prep your tech for a weather emergency I do many of these things in the winter when there’s a blizzard approaching. In the summer, when tornadoes and such arrive in this area, they often appear so fast you don’t have time to prep. (@ unclutterer)

I Challenge You to Walk for Twenty Minutes and Not Feel Better by the End of It A twenty minute workout of mild intensity will help anyone feel a little better than they did before, and it doesn’t cost a thing. (@ happiness project)

Seven Simple Ways to Never Be Happy It’s pretty easy to fall into the trap of doing these things. (@ dumb little man)

The whiner’s room Don’t spend a second whining or complaining about your job or even listening to the whining of others. It just holds you back from doing a better job. (@ seth godin)

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