The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: No Perfect Diet Edition

The more you evaluate the ins and outs of particular diets, the more you discover that there is no “perfect” diet. No matter what “rules” you apply to your eating, there is always a study or two contradicting it.

The only thing I’ve seen that seems to be universally agreed upon is portion control. Don’t eat until you’re miserable.

Make a Total Financial Picture Spreadsheet I do this very thing, except that mine is in the form of a three-ring binder. I don’t have all of this information congregated in one spreadsheet. (@ bible money matters)

16 Ways to Lower Your Housing Costs Some of these are surprisingly simple. Others require a ton of effort. Some save a little, while others save a lot. In other words, there’s advice for almost everyone. (@ my dollar plan)

Full Time RVing: An Option for Many This can certainly work for a single person or a couple. I would not want to try it with children, however. (@ gen x finance)

Underextended This almost perfectly describes what I strive for in life at this point. (@ seth’s blog)

Five Career Moves with Exponential Returns My favorite one is the simple handwritten note. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it can make. (@ get rich slowly)

The Myth of Discipline I think the idea here is a good one, in that regular habits make things work. However, even the simplest habits require discipline. I think a lot of it has to do with integrity. If you have integrity and your habit has integrity, you’ll stick with it. (@ zen habits)

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