The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: No Series Edition

With the end of the television series Fringe, I just realized that I am not actively watching any television series right now. There is truly nothing airing right now on any channel anywhere that is holding my interest.

Over the last several years, the number of series we’ve watched has dwindled. Most of the television series we watch are older ones from Netflix which we can watch without commercial interruption.

Right now? Nothing. There are a couple that I will probably continue to watch if/when they return from hiatus, but that’s months away at the very least.

Right now, my evenings are mostly filled with reading and writing and board games. I fully expect that to continue. I tend to find greater adventure and humor on the written page.

The Five Key Steps to Increasing Concentration I find that the ability to deeply focus makes all the difference professionally for me. When I’m able to deeply concentrate and slip into a “zone,” I can just pump out the work for hours at a time, getting so much done that I can scarcely believe it. (@ dumb little man)

Balancing Saving and Splurging It’s a tough balance for everyone. What we do is have a line item for hobby spending and splurges in our budget as it gives us a sense of spending freedom while also having the peace of mind of sensible living. (@ dual income no kids)

Some Taxpayers Can’t File Until March We may be eligible for some of the energy efficiency credits, so we’re going to wait until late March or early April to file this year. (@ consumerism commentary)

Possession aggression Once we view something as “ours,” it can be very hard to have that thing taken away from us. This can often lock us into behaviors that aren’t necessarily good over the long haul. (@ seth godin)

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