The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Obsolete Edition

A recent BusinessWeek article (Obsolete Computers That Still Do The Job) inspired me to think about the “obsolete” things in my own life.

We have a television in the basement that’s reached double digits in age, has some colorization issues in the upper left corner, and weighs more than my wife, but it still does the job we want it to do – watch television programs.

I still keep a little notebook in my pocket, even with many other technology solutions, because nothing’s better at jotting down quick notes – it may be low tech, but it does the job.

Both of our vehicles are over ten years old and have more than 100,000 miles on them, but they’re still going.

Those supposedly “obsolete” things (and many others) keep doing their job. So we keep using them. It might be much flashier to replace them with a new item, but it’s certainly a lot more frugal to stick with what works.

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