The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Old Friends Edition

In everyone’s life, friendships blossom and then other friendships fade into the background. You move. Your interests change. Your time availability changes. Things change.

I have a lot of old friends in my life that I miss seeing regularly, but I find that when I do see them, we’ve both changed enough that whatever it was that made us friends in the first place often isn’t there.

While it may seem sad, it’s not always a bad thing. We were there for each other when we needed each other.

To Boost Your Self-Control, Ask Yourself Whether You’re an “Abstainer” or a “Moderator.” I’m mostly an abstainer, to tell the truth. If I’m passionate about something, it can be difficult for me to moderate it. (@ happiness project)

5 Steps to Get Back on Top of Things When Life is Busy I have a lot of things that I do when my life gets overly busy. A lot of it hinges on my personal energy level. (@ pick the brain)

Community versus Country Club A country club is something of a community that’s limited by the financial state of the people that come in the door. (@ barbara friedberg)

How Much Do We Owe Others? (And When Should We Walk Away?) This is never an easy question to answer. For me, I just avoid lending money to people. I’ve made gifts of money and items before, but the whole “lending” thing bothers me. (@ get rich slowly)

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