The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Old Quarters Edition

Recently, I learned that U.S. quarters minted before 1965 are actually almost pure silver, meaning that due to the high price of silver, the value of the metal in those quarters is far higher than $0.25.

For fun, I’ve been going through a jar full of collected quarters, removing any old ones that I find and keeping them separate. Thus far, I’ve found a few dozen of them. My plan is to collect as many as I can find, then sell them as a lot on eBay at a significant profit.

Half-dollars and dimes from 1964 or earlier also are made with significant amounts of silver, but the dimes have a much lower weight (and thus much less silver) and the half-dollars are much rarer.

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Edit: There was originally a fourth article linked here, but that article appears to have been edited in a negative fashion by the person running that site. The link has been removed. That’s one of the risks of linking to other sites – others can edit the content there outside of your control.

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