The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: OneNote Edition

Evernote is a software package I use several times each day. I use it for quick note keeping and some simple project organization.

However, before I switched to using Evernote, I was a big user of Microsoft OneNote. I actually used that package for casual notes as well as organizing tons of different projects.

Why did I switch? The cost was a big issue, as OneNote was part of Microsoft Office. Another big issue was portability, as I couldn’t use OneNote on my phone.

Over the last few years, Microsoft has released portable versions of OneNote for almost every kind of phone for free, solving one of the problems. Now, it appears the other problem is about to be solved, as Microsoft has released desktop versions of OneNote for free for both Mac and Windows.

I’m pretty excited about this. Both software packages are excellent tools for note taking. Right now, I have over 1,000 notes stored in Evernote, which makes switching back to OneNote rather difficult unless there’s an import tool (which there might be). I’m certainly going to have to try OneNote again, because I found it to be incredibly useful several years ago before I switched to the portable and free Evernote. If you want to try it out, start here.

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