The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Outdoor Activities Edition

We’ve had this long run of gorgeous weather lately and our family has practically lived outside.

During the winter and spring, I saved this huge list of inexpensive ideas for things to do during the summer… and we’ve managed to blow through most of them.

A few days ago, I spent a bunch of time finding items to add to that list. Here are some of the best resources I found during that search.

100 Ideas for Free and Frugal Summer Fun A great list from top to bottom. (@ the better mom)

12 Frugal Ideas for Summer Fun with the Family The minor league baseball idea is a great one. Tickets to the local AAA team can be found for $2 if you ask around and if you avoid the concessions, it’s a great excursion for the family. (@ frugal habits)

20 Frugal Ways to Enjoy Outdoor Summer Fun This one convinced me to take the kids on a stargazing adventure. (@ squirrelers)

8 Summer Recipes Fresh from the Farmer’s Market All of these are delicious. I particularly like recipes where the whole family can help prepare them. (@ mint)

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