The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Parent-Teacher Conferences Edition

This week, Sarah and I are going to our first parent-teacher conference, obviously regarding our oldest child.

He brought home his first report card, which showed pretty solid progress in almost every area. He has a few little things to work on, but it mostly seems good.

I’ve got a pretty good sense as to what I’ll hear at this conference, much as I’ve had a good sense as to what our children’s preschool teachers would say about our kids before they even said it.

Too Frugal For Your Own Good There’s a giant difference between frugal and cheap, which is the area Watson is really looking at here. (@ watson inc.)

give up hope (it’s a good thing to do. really.) Hope is mostly a bad thing because it’s a crutch that prevents you from taking action or making decisions. (@ white hot truth)

What Are the Differences Between the Rich and the Poor? I think the biggest difference is unexpected events. Another huge difference is brain chemistry. While the behaviors we control do play a pretty big part, both of those things have a giant impact and our ability to alter them is limited. (@ get rich slowly)

5 Things That Are Destroying Your Success I agree with all of these, and I think almost all of them can be corrected with better choices in the moment. (@ pick the brain)

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