The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Parenting and Tiredness Edition

Our eight year old knocked on our bedroom door at about 11:30 PM complaining of growing pains in his legs. Since we were both awake, one of us looked for some Children’s Tylenol while te other found him some water. We weren’t sleeping again until after midnight.

Our six year old wakes up at 1 AM, screaming at the top of her lungs. She had a bad dream in which someone had invaded her bedroom and was hiding in the closet. Sarah runs in first to check on her, but she insists that Dad check out the closet thoroughly to make sure no one is in there. We don’t get back to sleep until about 2 AM.

Our three year old wakes up at 3 AM and crawls in bed with us. He spends the next hour trying to get comfortable, which means worming around ceaselessly between his parents. By 4 AM, I simply pick him up and take him back to his room. He returns at 4:30 AM. I put him back in his room at 5 AM.

The alarm goes off at 6 AM. Is it any wonder that parents are often tired?

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