The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Performance Enhancing Drugs Edition

It’s no secret that I’ve been a life-long baseball fan, and with all of the news about the recent batch of bannings in baseball due to performance enhancing drugs, several readers wrote to me asking about my take and whether I would watch baseball with my children.

My take is pretty simple. I know that those guys out there on the field are doing this for a living. I also know that the better players are going to make money on an order of magnitude over some of the lesser players. If one of those players out there sees that they can earn enough money to cover their family for life if they take this drug for a few years, I really can’t blame them.

Having said that, baseball has rules and if you don’t play by those rules, you deserve the punishment that those rules demand. These guys used methods that are banned by baseball and they got caught. Is what the players did wrong? It violates a rule of the sport, but I also understand why they did it.

When I go to a baseball game, I want to watch the best players within the rules of the sport. I also want to see friendly players who recognize that the fans in the stands are why they’re on the field. Whether or not I think the rule is the right one – which is a messy question – that rule (or the enforcement of it) doesn’t change the reasons why I love the game, which involve memories of my father and my grandfather and long afternoons spent stretched out on the grass listening to Cubs games and many, many attempts to imitate Kirk Gibson at the plate.

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