The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Playlist Edition

With all the road trips scheduled this summer, I’ve been thinking about a song collection that both my wife and I would enjoy on the trip. So, we’ve started co-curating one, where we each add 100 songs to a playlist, then we are each allowed to delete anything we don’t like from the list.

My wife doesn’t like to do this, so I’ve essentially been doing it vocally with her, asking her what she thinks of song X and song Y and she lets me know whether they fit or not.

The end result? The list is loaded with early-to-mid-90s “alternative” stuff. Soundgarden. Oasis. Pearl Jam. Jeff Buckley. Blind Melon. Collective Soul. Counting Crows. That’s the flavor of almost the entire list.

Guess our 2010 road trips will be like a road trip into 1995.

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