The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Podcast Edition

First, an update on my own podcast: I’ve done some test recordings of episodes and am currently showing them to some potential sponsors. I hope to launch the podcast in April or May. I always like to have several episodes done in advance in case of emergencies, much like I do with Simple Dollar posts, so I’m going to have to finalize any sponsorship agreements, write several episodes, and record them before I launch things.

Also, people keep asking me for podcasts I like to listen to. Here are the six podcasts I keep up with: Marketplace, This American Life, TED Talks, Slate’s Audio Book Club, 60 Minutes, and (sigh) Pardon the Interruption. The latter two are television programs that I actually find much more compelling in audio-only form. I occasionally listen to several others, often listening to three or four episodes of them at once, but those are the six I subscribe to and listen to immediately when I see a new episode pop up.

Here are some articles of interest to whet your whistle.

101 Tax Deductions for Bloggers and Freelancers This was a very useful list for me as I began preparing my taxes. As a blogger/freelancer, every legitimate deduction that I can find is directly equal to money in my pocket. (@ wise bread)

Five Strategies for Surviving a Tough Boss This article’s for you, Bill. A reader named Bill wrote me with tales of his nightmarish boss and asked how he could handle it, since he was considering quitting. I was ruminating on a post (and doing some research on it) when this article popped up that answered things very well. (@ zen habits)

Got Any Money Savings Tips For Us? I love it when a popular blog just opens up the comments for people to submit great money saving tips. Here’s a Chicago-centric one that I really enjoyed. (@ gaper’s block)

The Dangers of Personal Branding I’ve experienced this to a degree. Whenever I’m interviewed, people seem to assume that I must be “Captain Cheap,” a suggestion that long-time readers will find rather comical. (@ freelance switch)

Personal Finance Software Survey Lots of people swear by Microsoft Money and Quicken, but I find Excel/OpenOffice to be the right solution for me. (@ frugal dad)

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