The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Post-Book Lull Edition

After turning in my book a week ago, some of my friends who had already published books wrote to me with an interesting point. “After your book is done,” they said, “you’ll find that you go through a bit of ‘writing burnout.’ You won’t want to write anything for a while.”

At first, I didn’t think this was true, as early last week, I got a lot of writing done. Now, though, I know what they mean. In some ways, it feels like the well is dry.

I’m not saying I have no ideas – I have plenty of those. It’s just that when I sit down with an idea right now, the words don’t flow as quickly as they once did. It’s almost as if I pumped too much water out of the well for a while and now I have to pump really hard to get even a slow flow of water.

So, I’ve been using the time to read, write down ideas, and follow up on other pursuits until the flow gets back to normal – which, according to some of my friends, it will in a few weeks.

For now, here are some interesting articles from other sites.

Do What Works For You I agree with this idea to an extent, but I can also see how it can be detrimental. If you always do it your way and ignore what others have done successfully with the same task, you might find that you’re doing it pretty poorly. Do what works for you – but never stop learning new things. (@ get rich slowly)

Saying farewell to a hobby, part two I’ve had to let go of hobbies several times in my own past and it’s always been difficult. Part of me has wanted to hold onto the items from that neglected hobby as some sort of nostalgia – but that’s a really bad idea unless you have acres of storage space. (@ unclutterer)

Act the Way You Want to Feel For a large part of my life, I thought this kind of thing was complete foolishness. Until I tried it. It works almost all of the time. If you consciously act happy over and over again, you begin to feel happier about your life. (@ happiness project)

How Do I Make My Resume Stick? This article describes the “keyword test” – figure out what words the person hiring is looking for and make sure those words get noticed on your resume. (@ fast company via behance)

Secrets of Telemarketing From an Industry Insider My sister-in-law was a telemarketer for a while. She was quite good at it, but she loathed the work. Perhaps I should convince her to write a bit of a “tell-all” about it. (@ wise bread)

How to Make Money as a Soccer Referee This is an excellent, detailed guide on how to turn a passion into a nice side income. I know some people who do such refereeing in different sports for a living and they love it. (@ free money finance)

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