Updated on 10.04.11

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Quiet Edition

Trent Hamm

As I write this, I’m in a quiet room with all the lights off. I’ve been rocking my youngest child for more than an hour to get him to take a much-needed nap. He’s had an intestinal bug for the last three days and hasn’t slept comfortably during any of it.

The room is so quiet that my fingers sound like drums on the keyboard. I can hear the hum of the fan on my laptop.

Best of all, I can hear him gently breathing in his crib just a few feet away from me.

Sleep well, little guy. Daddy has some writing to do.

Expanding the circle of “missed” If you suddenly picked up and moved to the other side of the world without telling anyone, how many people would miss you? I’d argue that the larger the number of people that would miss you, the greater your chances of success both here and there. It’s all about the relationships. (@ seth godin)

Six Reasons Why You Should Panic and One Reason Why You Should Keep Investing Would you really be shocked to learn that the one reason trumps the other six? (@ the dividend guy)

The Real Secret to Achieving Financial Freedom on a Modest Income The real secret is simple. It’s all about really understanding the difference between your wants and your needs and acting in a mature way based on that knowledge. (@ len penzo)

How to Deal with a Job You Hate The biggest suggestion I can offer is to simply remember that you’re swapping time and energy for money. That’s really the equation of a job – nothing more, nothing less. (@ dumb little man)

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  1. Steven says:

    I’m not sure I’d be missed. I mean, I’m sure there would be certain people who are closest to me that would miss me, but I doubt the majority of people would even realize I was gone. In some ways I prefer it that way.

  2. valleycat1 says:

    “missed” – I find it odd that this is presented only in terms of your work life. But, using that constraint, some jobs result in wider areas of influence/being missed than others do. And, whether you’d be missed for a day or two or for a much longer time would speak to your actual range of influence/impact.

    “deal with a job you hate” – I’d distinguish among 1) having a job or work environment that’s actually awful by most anyone’s standards; 2) just having a bad attitude or unrealistic expecations about your job, 3) and having made a faulty decision and gone into a job or career path that doesn’t match your abilities or personality. Some people are stuck with rotten bosses or demeaning workplaces. Most people at some point get dissatisfied to some degree about their daily work. The kind of job I enjoy may be totally different from the work you like to do.

  3. lurker carl says:

    The “circle of missed” has nothing to do with success or failure. Successful people carry their traits everywhere they go, as do failures. The number of people that will miss you is irrevelant.

  4. S01 says:

    Thanks for the links Trent, I liked the second one on 6 reasons to panic and 1 to invest.

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