The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Rainy Afternoon Edition

The rain is falling from the sky. My work for the day is done and I actually have a few free hours.

There is truly nothing that sounds more enjoyable to me in that situation than curl up in a comfortable chair with a great book. I’ll throw a blanket over me, get lost in a book, and lose an hour or two while the rain patters against the window.

It happens so rarely. Usually, I’ll find myself filling hours like that with other tasks. Still, those rare afternoons when I can get lost in a book are ones that I deeply value and enjoy.

Changing My Mind About Money For me, the big thing that caused my mental shift was becoming a parent. It forced me to re-evaluate things in my life. (@ kns financial)

Never Get Emotionally Attached to a Desired Property when Buying a Home If you get attached to a specific home when going through the home-buying process, the owners of that home can really jerk you around and you’ll end up paying far more than you should. (@ darwin’s money)

Does Announcing a Resolution Make You More or Less Likely To Keep It? It probably has more to do with the person making the resolution than the announcement, but for some people, announcing it will make it feel more vital and something they’re less willing to break. (@ happiness project)

But I don’t want to do that, I want to do this Make the most out of whatever opportunity is available to you. If you sit around and wait for only the most perfect opportunity, chances are you’ll wait forever. (@ seth godin)

Why the Rich Keep Getting Richer The biggest reason is accumulation of wealth. Once you have significant wealth, it is much easier to grow that wealth through investing than if you don’t have any to begin with. (@ darwin’s finance)

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