Updated on 07.12.10

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Rainy Days Edition

Trent Hamm

It’s raining outside. My children want to go to the park.

That means it’s time to come up with an indoor solution. That means, of course, that it’s time for an elaborate blanket-and-chairs fort in the living room.

Live Within My Means? How? It’s not too hard to live within your means if you just follow one rule: spend less than you earn. The hard decisions of what to cut are up to you. (@ studenomics)

With perspective, it’s normal to feel an emotional attachment to your possessions For me, perspective was the real key to this. I’ve reached a point where, if I have too much stuff, I recognize that I don’t have the time to adequately spend with any of it. That’s a problem – it takes up money and space and gives me no positive value in return. I focus on keeping my stuff down to the items I have time for and actually bring positive value into my life. (@ unclutterer)

Future Proofing Your Passion The message here is that the way to keep your passion alive is to keep your life simple so your passion isn’t strangled by the life clutter. Good message. (@ 43 folders)

Cheap Wedding Ideas On A Small Budget My wife’s family has something of a tradition of having all of the closer family members (siblings, parents, and often aunts and uncles) pitching in to help with catering, decorating, and so on so that the wedding can be done at a low cost. I think this is a brilliant idea. (@ the digerati life)

Worth More Than Money: Taking A Detour on the Road to Riches Everyone’s path to where they want to be is different. (@ get rich slowly)

Are Your Financial Habits Just Bad? I think this article hints at the real truth: bad financial habits often arise from a life that’s got other concerns – too many activities balanced with exhaustion, for example. (@ wise bread)

What To Do With a Pile of Change? I liked that the answers here didn’t just immediately revolve around the typical responses of what to do with a small windfall. (@ frugal dad)

The Clean-Slate Guide to Simplicity I think that sometimes a clean slate is the best solution to fixing the problems in your life. (@ zen habits)

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  1. Raghu Bilhana says:

    Yep I agree Trent,

    Besides Zenhabits, Getrichslowly and this site, it is tough to find a good website to go to on a day to day basis.

    Would you have any other recommendations as to the websites the readers can follow in addition to the ones I mentioned above?

  2. Griffin T. says:

    That indoor fort goes a long way. Some of my best memories are from the intricate forts we used to build – if you really want to impress, just let them sleep in there!

  3. MD says:

    It’s raining here today as well. Thankfully I’m working the evening shift today on this rainy day. Having a little brother, my favorite indoor activities with him include: a card game, game of chess, or watching a classic movie.

    Thanks so much for the link. Glad that you enjoyed my post on living within your means. I feel it’s important that us personal finance bloggers address/explain the importance of money management basics with our respective niches.

  4. Maureen says:

    When I had little ones, rainy days were spent doing crafts or playing with play dough. Colouring in colouring books is terrific for hand-eye coordination and will help when it comes time to learn printing. It would be a great time to go visit the library too!

  5. Mark says:

    I like the article by the Unclutterer. We all have sort of emotional investment in our possessions. I never paid attention to this aspect.

  6. Jen says:

    #3 Maureen,

    I enthusiastically second the library idea! We have 2 libraries near us, both with excellent kids sections for our 4 y/o daughter including library pets and lots of activities…spend a LOT of time there on the weekends.

  7. Thanks for the shout out Trent. Over here, there’s no respite from the sunny weather. Eh, what do you expect from boring old California… ;) Anyway, I used to dislike the rain. But my entire family loves it. So yes, a fort and some board games will do. :)

  8. Sandy L says:

    Our rainy day activities include the local museum and inddor pool at the YMCA. It was only like $40/year for a kid’s membership at the Y and it’s so worth it.

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