The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Resolution Revolution Edition

After my recent discussion about my changing perspectives on resolutions, I thought I’d dig into the thoughts others have on resolutions for the coming year – and for any moment.

This year, switch and get things done There are a lot of good thoughts here, including a big nod to the wonderful book Switch, which I reviewed a few years ago. (@ get rich slowly)

5 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your New Year’s Resolutions If you’re trying out a change for the new year, these are great questions to ask about that change. You might find that the change you seek isn’t what you initially thought it was. (@ happiness project)

Five things you can do to succeed at keeping your New Year’s Resolutions If you’re looking for lasting success at the changes you’re trying to make in your life, these tactics will help you find it. (@ unclutterer)

How to Stick with Your New Year’s Resolution The biggest factor is to establish routine. (@ pick the brain)

Do you remember? Where were you one year ago? Are you in a better position now? Big changes are often hard to notice in our lives, so it’s useful to inventory our lives every once in a while. (@ seth’s blog)

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