The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Road Trip Edition

This summer, my family along with some additional guests are going on a lengthy road trip that will involve visiting an ocean, hitting multiple national parks, and stopping at Disneyworld along the way.

Given that the group size would virtually require two vehicles, we spent a lot of time trying to find a way to rent a large passenger van so we could all ride together.

I had a chance to check out the perfect vehicle – a Nissan NV Passenger. It just checks off every box for our trip.

The problem? Renting it is prohibitively expensive. It just doesn’t make financial sense, no matter how nice it would be. We sat down and calculated the costs of driving two of our own vehicles on the trip and including all of the depreciation and fuel and maintenance, the two vehicles are just far less expensive than renting one comparable vehicle.

Even if we chose something else in the same class, we just can’t get the rate down low enough. If a miracle would to arrive and allow us to rent this type of vehicle at a much more reasonable rate, we’d choose it, of course.

Sometimes, financial reality has to make you rethink the “best” option.

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