The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: School Days Edition

With the latter days of August comes the start of another school year.

My children have greeted the change with enthusiasm so far. They all have friends that they’re anxious to see and their summer reading programs have kept their reading skills up so they’re not intimidated to return.

For me, it gives me a block of time that’s very quiet at home but adds to my responsibilities outside of that block of time. I can handle both “summer” and “school year” mode quite well when they get going, but the transition is always a bit wonky.

Anyway, here are a few of the best personal finance articles I’ve found on blogs in the last week or so.

You Rarely Get a Trophy in Life That’s why it’s so vital to be able to recognize and internally acknowledge your own personal successes. (@ hull financial planning)

Do You Have a Right to Choose Your Child’s Degree or Major? No! Absolutely not! The discussion that comes from that question is interesting, though. (@ my journey to millions)

Inexpensive House, Expensive Car People sometimes make interesting spending decisions. (@ evolving pf)

Sometimes the Road to Wealth Isn’t Paved at All Rural living is really inexpensive. I grew up rurally and I’m stunned at how little people can spend each day and thrive. (@ get rich slowly)

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