The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: School Days Edition

My oldest child starts kindergarten tomorrow. Our next child starts formal preschool tomorrow, too.

They were babies just a short time ago, but they’re now progressing into the world, moving into their own independence. Frankly, it’s awesome.

How We Didn’t Save Money with Our Babies The real story is that breastfeeding doesn’t work for everyone, even though it is a strong money-saving (and healthy) tactic. (@ minting nickels)

How to Donate a Car I donated the first car I ever owned. Well, actually, I gave it to my uncle for spare parts as he ran a junkyard. (@ bargaineering)

Why Tracking Your Net Worth Is So Overrated The real issue is why you are tracking your net worth. What’s the purpose of it? What does it gain you? For me, it’s simply a reminder that I’m spending less than I earn every interval. (@ len penzo)

How to Make Cleaning a Habit: 10 Tips I like that the principles here don’t just apply to cleaning. They apply to any positive habit one might want to build. (@ pick the brain)

Exercises for the Terminally Busy For my birthday, I received a copy of You Are Your Own Gym, which focuses on the same idea of using just your own body (and the weight of it) as complete body exercise equipment. This makes it very easy to work out pretty much wherever you are. A similar idea can be seen in this video of Mike Rowe doing “burpees.” (@ zen habits)

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