The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Season Edition

As summer gives way to fall, I’m reminded again and again of how much I love autumn. The weather gives the first hints of chill in the air, yet warmth still fills the days. Soon, leaves will begin to color and fall and the chill in the air will grow, making cheeks red when you spend too much time outside and making warm apple cider a delicious reward when the outside time is through.

I find something to appreciate in every season, though I think I am most partial to spring and autumn. Each season brings about its own wonders.

The Infinite Income Fallacy When we’re young, it seems like the amount of money we’re going to earn in our lifetime is infinite. It’s not. (@ canajun finances)

Create Your Own American Dream The standard “American dream” – a home, a job, etc. – doesn’t have to be your dream. Find the path that makes you want to get up in the morning and do something great. (@ fi journey)

How to Save Money Without Worrying About Coupons This is simply a good collection of solid advice on frugality. (@ consumerism commentary)

Should You Ever Borrow to Pay Off Existing Debt? Yes, if you’re not adding collateral to the debt and you’re reducing your interest rate (paying off a higher interest rate than the one you’re getting on the new loan) without extending the length of the loan. (@ dough roller)

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