The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Sick Boy Edition

Thanks to many of you who wrote to me expressing well wishes for our infant son. He’s doing much better today. On Monday, he was very lethargic and didn’t want to do anything but cuddle with me. On Tuesday, he acted normal when he wasn’t sleeping, but he slept a lot. Today, he’s acting pretty much normal, except very hungry. He had eaten twice before 7:30 AM.

Here are some personal finance articles of interest from around the ‘net.

My Ketchup Taste-Test: Upset! Guess Which Brand Topped Heinz. The interesting thing is that if you compare most ketchups in the store, ingredient for ingredient, they’re identical. If there’s any variation, it’s in a slight alteration of the proportion of the ingredients. (@ len penzo)

This is a great argument for “time in lieu” instead of overtime pay. (@ money cactus)

Caring for Aging Parents This is a category I’m slowly inching towards. I feel financially prepared for it. I do not feel emotionally prepared for it. (@ get rich slowly)

The Most Critical Hour of Your Day: How to Set Yourself Up for Success I’ve been working hard on optimizing this part of my day, but so far it’s been hard to do it due to lots of interruptions and other events outside my control. (@ pick the brain)

How to Make Powerful Connections Through Social Media The power of social media isn’t just in keeping tabs with the people you know. It’s getting to know the people you want to know. (@ dumb little man)

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