The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Sick Daughter Edition

My daughter got incredibly ill on Monday evening. She was completely lethargic and was losing liquid as fast as we could give it to her. We were considering taking her to the emergency room.

Tuesday morning, she’s completely fine. She spends the entire day jumping on Dad’s lap and singing songs and jumping on Dad’s lap and playing dress-up and jumping on Dad’s lap and doing puzzles.

Her resilience is beautiful.

Survival of the Fittest in the Workplace and Myths about Fairness I’m a believer that you should always view yourself as a freelancer at work. You should give value to the organization you work for, but you shouldn’t be controlled by them, either. (@ squirrelers)

Quashing the Self-Improvement Urge My counter-argument to this interesting argument is that if you don’t focus on improving, you will eventually be replaced by someone who will. If you’ve reached a place of security and comfort, then that’s no big deal, but a lot of people aren’t in that place. For me, I enjoy getting better at a skill, which is icing on top of the cake. (@ zen habits)

Avoiding Competitive Shopping for Fun and Profit Even if you got a bigger deal than the other person, you still spent money for something. Businesses don’t exist if they’re losing money on such transactions. (@ get rich slowly)

“I Am Here” Sometimes, those are the most valuable three words you can say. (@ seth godin)

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