Updated on 08.03.10

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Side Writings Edition

Trent Hamm

As some of you know, I have an off-and-on side gig writing for OPEN Forum, a website that focuses on small business issues. I mostly write about small business frugality – how to reduce your spending without reducing the quality of your business – but I often touch on other topics. Anyway, here are a few of my most recent articles on there.

Making Continuity Sales Work For You Continuity sales occur when you’re able to sell an ongoing series of items. Think of a punch card where if you buy X items, you get 1 free, or when you buy a package of coupons for the same item.

The Power of 2: Business-Building Relationships in Your Community A few weeks ago, I reviewed the excellent book Power of 2, and in this article, I talk about how the ideas from that book apply well to small businesses.

Is the Nonprofit Boom Right for Your Business? There is a lot of value for a small business using some of their proceeds for charitable purposes – or even becoming entirely nonprofit.

Beating the Competition with Frugality Frugality is an incredible tactic for small business success, and here I lay out why.

With that, here are some personal finance articles I’ve enjoyed over the past week.

A Frugal Daughter’s Guide to Back to School Shopping I’m just about to get my first dose of “back-to-school” shopping, as my son is attending preschool for the first time this fall. We’re rumored to have a supply list in the next week or two. (@ frugal dad)

3 Reasons Why Most People Will Never Earn More Money — And What You Can Do About It! So many things that business and career experts recommend is a complete waste of time. (@ man vs. debt)

Reader Story: Widowed Young This is something that my wife and I have greatly feared over the years. (@ get rich slowly)

How To Make A Dream Reality: Fear vs. Courage It’s a lot harder to accomplish a goal if you’re afraid to start tackling it. (@ pick the brain)

the manifesto of encouragement On the flip side of that fear, it often takes just a little encouragement to cause a dream to get off the runway. (@ white hot truth)

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  1. A supply list for preschool?? that is crazy. Although to keep costs down, our preschool asked for donations of snacks, tissues, paper towels, etc, so maybe not so crazy.

  2. valleycat1 says:

    RE The Nonprofit Boom – If I patronize a store because of its charitable contributions, I want to see something more specific than a percentage of its business profits. Nonprofits can plow all their money back into the business (& the assumption is that the employees/owners are not deriving exorbitant incomes from the operation), so I’d want to know how they’re defining business profits & whether they’re guaranteeing a minimum total $ amount (or capping the amount) – & how much they actually contributed (in dollars, not percentages) in previous years.

  3. DreamChaser57 says:

    Although I’m naturally biased – I wrote what I thought was quite an insightful, albeit lengthy, comment to one of your posts -it never posted, it was not overly negative. What are your guidelines for letting comments through the moderation process? It seems quite arbitrary and frankly very discourages a robust dialogue if you are selectively deleting commentary based on content and not tone.

  4. Courtney says:

    We are just about done with our back to school shopping – three kids and three looong lists of supplies! Here are a few things I’ve learned over the years. When it comes to crayons and markers, buy Crayola. Roseart may be cheaper but they are inferior in quality, the colors are off, and although they claim to be washable, they are not. Buy a high quality, wellmade backpack. Backpacks go through a lot of wear and tear and the cheap ones fall apart quickly. Same thing for lunchboxes. I usually buy each kid an extra lunchbox at the start of the school year and then stash it away until Christmas. By that time, their lunchbox is looking shabby and they’re ready for a new one. Pencilboxes also tend to fall apart, so I always keep a few extras on hand. Stockpile crayons, pencils, gluesticks, etc. when they’re on sale because your child will probably need to replace those items throughout the school year. I also stock up on poster board because my kids need it frequently for projects and having it on hand has saved me many trips to the store!

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